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Evening everyone

Last week we had a Yorkshire MAG meeting at The Royal pub in Pudsey.

Deputy Yorkshire rep Andy Foody, ably stood in for me as that pesky work 
thing got in the way! For those that didn’t make it here is what happened

Andy Foody taking meeting in Manny’s absence; has notes from Manny.
First thing, some sobering news from Steve Travis, Wakefield Rep.  Some 
of you may have realised that Justine, Steve’s wife, wasn’t at Into The 
Valley, which was due to a serious illness.  Both Justine and Steve are 
holding up as well as can be expected and, understandably, Steve will be 
out of the game for a while.  Manny has spoken to him and assured him 
that we will do everything we can to help them both out, we send our 
love and best wishes to both Steve and Justine at this difficult time.
*1. Apologies*
Manny, Kate Williams, Steve Travis, Mike Jordan, Glen Knight
*2. Rep’s Report*
*a) Newsletter*
Manny asked if newsletter is okay.  Anything needed to be added? 
Anything needed to be omitted? Still a lack of local info coming from 
the groups.  Manny putting the May/June newsletter together next week so 
would appreciate any updates, reports, etc, from branches to be included 
in it.  All agreed that the newsletter is good and needed.
*b) ULEZ*
The Ultra Low Emission Zone has gone live in London and MAG has been 
lobbying hard for motorcycle exemption but has had limited success so 
far.  People can pay £175 to have their own bike tested for compliance 
but they won’t get any ULEZ charges already incurred back even if it 
passes. As with all of these things Councils around the country will be 
watching London to see how it goes as it could be a great revenue earner.
*c) MCIA*
The MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association) rebranded itself by removing 
all mention of motorcycles from its logo! This is due to a government 
push on “L category” vehicles which are lightweight personal vehicles of 
which motorcycles are included. Having spoken to several dealers about 
this they are up in arms about it as they have always been the lifeblood 
of the MCIA and they now feel that motorcycles could get sidelined in 
the push towards electric vehicles.
*d) Theft Flyers*
We need to ensure that the MAG theft flyers are ready for The Farmyard 
Party as we’ve missed yet another opportunity to promote what we do by 
not having them ready for Into The Valley. Manny has spoken to Rod and 
he assured me they’ll be ready.
*e) Political Rep Roles*
Steve B has stepped down as Huddersfield Political Rep and looks likely 
to step down as Yorkshire political Rep in September, so if anyone 
fancies the role, please have a think about stepping up as it’s probably 
the most important role on the MAG committee.
*f) MAG AGC 2019*
• New Yorkshire MAG t-shirts, beanie hats and stickers were available to 
buy at ITV and all sold well. It’s good to get our name out there as we 
need to self-promote to expand membership.
• AGC last weekend in September (Saturday 28th) at Shawcross Sharks 
Rugby club in Dewsbury. We’ve got Kelly Anne Bolland as a bit of 
entertainment on the Friday night and The Interiorz as the Saturday 
night band.
• We need to get together to discuss preparations for 
food/security/fundraising etc
• We need to put on a great AGC and show everyone how Yorkshire do it.
• Ideas to raise funds welcome
• Should we do a pamphlet with local info, helpful hints? *Answer* – 
yes, as agreed at last meeting.
• Manny has done a round of the dealers and have had pledges for raffle 
prizes and also the offer of a 20% discount at MyMoto for the AGC 
weekend for all MAG members.
• The Facebook page and flyer are now out there so feel free to share 
the AGC far and wide.
• *Yorkshire products*:  Jane said these always sell well; black beanies 
sold out at ITV.  It’s good to have a range of colours; these were 
popular.  Warm stuff sold well at ITV (most likely because it was so 
cold; last year when it was really hot, we sold loads more vests). 
  Marcus suggested selling branded base layers … all thought this was a 
great idea!  Marcus asked if we were getting flat caps to sell at AGC; 
Boris suggested getting them with Yorkshire MAG logo … all thought this 
was a great idea!
• *Food at AGC*:  Jane offered assistance.  Asked if the ovens at the 
venue are catering ovens or domestic.  She is prepared to take some time 
to prep some food; said lasagnes and pies can be prepped in advance, and 
cakes baked (cakes ALWAYS go down well!)
• *Security at AGC*:  need to speak to members with SIA badges sooner 
rather than later.
• *Meeting to Prep for AGC*:  Linz to liaise with Manny re date for 
meting to get organised; need to start putting names to roles.  Need to 
do this sooner rather than later.
*g) Rideouts & Events*
Ride outs and group events. Invite all members and try to support each 
other’s events, where possible.
*h) JEM Speedshop*
JEM speedshop have offered us space to put a Yorkshire MAG notice board. 
Do we think it’s a good idea and how will we pay for it?  Manny has 
found one for £18.  Yes, agreed we should not pass up any such 
opportunities; cost of notice board is minimal and we should use 
regional funds for this.  We don’t know how successful at raising MAG’s 
profile the noticeboard at Squires has been but if we don’t advertise 
MAG we no-one will know about us.
*3. Branch Reports*
*a) East Yorkshire (Garry Williams): Hull Clean Air Zone* – An article 
appeared on the Hull Daily Mail web site stating Hull will not be 
charging motorists for entering the city.  Basically, not a lot that can 
be done with the main road from the M62 to the docks which borders once 
side of the city which is the primary cause of pollution.  I have spoken 
to the Council who have confirmed the story, stating that they have 
successfully argued the case with a number of the clean air groups. 
  Extensive roadworks are due to take place over the next few years 
which will improve the flow of traffic, ease congestion and therefore 
lower pollution levels.  The council are happy to engage with MAG and 
have added me to their circulation list for consultation on any future 
*Operation Yellowfin* – Theft continues to be an issue, but the impacts 
of the Police operation are being felt with 16 bikes recovered and 9 
arrests reported through social media channels by the police over the 
past couple of weeks.  Theft postings also appear to have reduced recently.
*Spat Out of Hull* – Mentioned last time that group had voted to take 
Spat back in the direction of a marshals party in line with its origins 
due to the risk/effort v reward of continuing at Duncombe Park.  Not a 
lot to add at this time, PW in talks with a venue which fulfils the 
criteria, dates still 13th to 15th September as far as I am aware, 
although potential to swap dates with the Yorkshire Region AGM the 
following weekend. /_UPDATE_: //at the EY meeting last week, it was 
voted to take Spat Out of Hull to Leven Sports Centre on the traditional 
weekend of 13th to 15th September. The venue is around 8 miles out of 
Beverley and in line with my meeting notes of 17th March (and discussed 
at the MAP meeting later that day), the event will go back to its 
origins as a marshals thank you party. Further details to follow in due 
*Easter MAGness and Ride Out* – Thank you from the group for those who 
attended these events and made a contribution to the chosen good causes 
– Beverley Food Bank and NURSE charity.  The ride out attracted around 
30 bikes and was a mystery tour around East Yorkshire, more so for the 
15 or so blind sided by an Ambulance early on at Howden roundabout and 
ended up and taking the wrong exit, never to be seen again…..
The group asked me to *pass thanks on* for anyone who put a shift in on 
the bar at ITV which is organised and managed by some EY members.  Just 
short of £85 was raised in tips, which the group rounded to £100 and 
have donated to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
*MAG Stand* – Tentative plans discussed at the last meeting to attend a 
number of local events over the Summer.
*Group Events* – No specific group events in the diary at this time, the 
main focus being on the rallies over the coming months.
*b) Huddersfield (Linz Foody): *Held AGM on 8 May; slight change to 
• Linz is back as Rep
• Glennys Scrivener back as Dep Rep and Treasurer
• Sal Horsfall back as Fundraiser and Dealer Liaison
• David Denton back as Membership officer
• Andy Foody back as MAP Liaison
• Tom Lonsdale stepped up as Political officer after Steve Bolton 
stepped down
Andy and I and other Hudds MAG members attended and marshalled at ITV; 
Have a healthy bank balance; donations to region totalled £1,100 over 
last year, with Top Box sales and Pie Nights raising significant amounts.
*c) Leeds (Manny): *We’re very busy at the moment. **We had a successful 
Easter Egg Run to Lineham Farm Children’s Centre which is Leeds MAG’s 
chosen charity.**We hosted Ed March doing a talk at Squires which was 
very successful. Everyone had a great time and we raised over £900 for 
MAG. We’ve already booked Steph Jeavons for next year’s talk; /Marcus 
said Leeds a trying to persuade her to get a book published to coincide 
with the talk/*. *We did a run to the Craven Collection outside York 
that was great fun.**
• We’re doing a coast to coast ride from Scarborough to Cumbria through 
the North York Moors, Dales and Lakes on the 1st of June - camping on 
31st May and 1st June. All welcome to join us. Get in touch for all details.
• Helped to get rid of the Leeds councillor that was head of transport 
and massively pro bus and cycle to the detriment of all petrol vehicles 
and refused to listen to our arguments for promoting motorcycles. 
Hopefully we can now push forward with our agenda. /MH noted the role 
has changed slightly to be transport place, change and sustainability./
• Had a meeting with Leeds City Council last week regarding secure 
motorcycle parking. They haven’t spent last year’s tranche of money from 
the WYCA yet so that’s £16k from 2018 and this year’s £16k which totals 
£32k - LCC have rounded this up to £50,000. There’s going to be a 
purpose built secure motorcycle parking area in one of the multi storeys 
plus lots of ideas bandied about for locations around the centre and 
outlying towns. A follow up meeting is scheduled for 22nd July after 
sites have been surveyed. /Discussed lack of bikes parking in some town 
centre and the fact that folk are more likely to visit tourist 
destinations on bikes rather than local town centres.  Garry said in 
Hill there have been thefts from dedicated bike parking areas; agreed 
that thieves are getting much more brazen, and that we won’t be able to 
prevent all bike thefts but we need to do what we can to deter them. 
  Jane mentioned seeing cages in multi-storey car parks for bike 
parking, where you apply for a key; wondered if this is what is being 
installed in Leeds.  Noted that potential thieves could apply for keys 
as well as genuine bikers …/
• Leeds MAG also did an online survey to ensure we’re concentrating on 
the correct things. Some interesting things have come out of it and we 
haven’t fully analysed it all yet but one of the overwhelming facts is 
the power of Facebook. /Marcus said there were 75 respondents; he is 
still going through the answers.  It would be quite easy to replicate 
across other groups/
• 31 May to 2 June – doing a coast to coast ride; meet on Friday in 
Scarborough and do a steady ride, 130 miles through the Dales and Lakes, 
camp overnight and home on Sunday.
• 7-8 September – visit to National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham
*d) South Yorkshire (Oliver Rose): *Not found out who new person in 
Transport is yet following election on 2 May, but thre are no major 
issues in South Yorkshire.  Need to contact South Yorks Combined 
Authority now that devolution has been agreed.  Been out and about at 
events; 5 members marshalled at ITV; took part in an Easter Egg run; 
attended Huddersfield’s Pie Night, met up with Leeds for the visit to 
the Craven Collection .
*e) Wakefield: *No report, no-one present.
*4. Political*
No report, no-one present.
*5. Web/Social Media Report*
Quiet on Yorkshire MAG front as Marcus has been concentrating on Leeds. 
  All groups except South Yorkshire are using Google calendar, which 
helps to co-ordinate events and avoid clashes.  Marcus said Twitter is 
really useful for getting contacts for Councils and lists of Transport 
related accounts; Councils tend to use that rather than FaceBook. 
  Marcus suggested that doing a Twitter tutorial at the next meeting.
*6. North Yorkshire Group*
• Still no-one coming forward to look after York or Scarborough.  Manny 
organised posters to display at ITV asking for members to form a North 
Yorkshire Group.  He didn’t get a response so we’ll try doing the same 
at The Farmyard. Watch this space.
• Boris suggested other groups arranging a “come and meet us” meeting in 
York or Ripon to try to encourage people along and find out what MAG is 
about and hopefully get someone interested in setting up a group.  Linz 
suggested including something like a Top Box sale to encourage 
attendance; Boris suggested inviting an MP or Councillor along to talk 
about issues in the area.
*7. Upcoming Events*
Mainly rallies.
*8. Any Other Business*
• Jane asked if we were shooting ourselves in the foot only being able 
to register for marshalling on a PC rather than a phone or tablet, as 
many young people don’t have a PC/laptop.  Andy said yes, we are; we are 
missing out on people being able to register at any time from anywhere. 
  Noted that there is a problem with the marshalling site on mobile 
devices but this was being addressed; it’s generally okay on Android but 
there are still problems with Apple.  Noted that Ronnie has been 
focusing on GDPR but will be looking at the mashalling site.
• Jane noted the lack of a campsite shop at ITV and also not having such 
as milk and chocolate bars available in Products, like last year; this 
was an issue.  Also the farm shop was not really advertised
• Confirmed ITV was a sellout
*9. Next meeting*
Discussed possibility of this being at Farmyard Party marshal’s briefing 
on 15 September at Farmyard site, Helmsley.  To be confirmed.

Here is the link to the current “Network” which will keep you informed 
with MAG happenings around the country. 

Membership remains steady throughout the region as is generally the case 
at this time of year. When you come to renew, please think of doing it 
by direct debit as this way, it’s all done automatically and you 
continue being a MAG member.

We’re still wanting to restart Scarborough MAG and York MAG or get a 
completely new group going in North Yorkshire. If anyone is willing to 
become a rep (it’s great fun and very rewarding) or even host a meeting, 
just to get a likeminded group of folk keeping in touch and pushing the 
MAG message, please give me a call (07867918722) or message me via 
email, text, Facebook etc. North Yorkshire is a big area and it’s a real 
shame we don’t have a North Yorkshire group or two, especially 
considering it’s a biking Nirvana.

The groups have been busying up nicely now the better weather is here.

A few weeks ago we had our first rally of the year, Into The Valley at 
Sledmere and it was another sell out. Weather was mainly fine, if a 
little chilly on an evening, but the bands, comedy and beer made sure 
everyone had a great time.
As it stands now we’re gearing up nicely for The Farmyard Party in just 
over a months time. Always the highlight of the rally calendar, tickets 
can be bought online, from selected local dealers or from your local 
meetings. Here’s the link to the ticket line. 

We had some new merchandise at ITV that sold really well, to the point 
that we’re currently restocking for The Farmyard Party. The only change 
from below is that we’re having some of the beanie hats done without the 
“Yorkshire” font on the back, as strangely, some folk didn’t want it to 
say that on it, so just to please the foreigners were having some done 
both with and without Yorkshire on them. Below is another rundown of the 
latest merchandise and if we can facilitate it, we’re going to look at 
doing an online shop so you can still show your allegiance, even if you 
can’t get to a rally to buy one in person! We have a revised Yorkshire 
MAG T-shirt, some new embroidered beanie hat, and we also have both 
Yorkshire MAG stickers and screen/window stickers.  All will be 
available from KevKev at the Farmyard Party merchandise store. For 
images, please see: https://www.facebook.com/yorkshiremag/

Marshal registration is now closed for Into The Farmyard Party. 
Yorkshire Pudding Rally marshals registration will be opening in a few 
weeks time. We’re always on the look out for new marshals, because 
without our marshals we can’t put the rallies on. We’re almost like a 
family within a family and I can say from personal experience that 
marshalling at our rallies gives a whole new appreciation of them and is 
fantastic fun. Anyone marshalling is given a good package for stepping 
forward which makes it a win/win situation. Email mag.marshals at live.com 
<mailto:mag.marshals at live.com> for more details.

We’ve got a few events coming up in the next few months that you may 
want to add to your diaries.
_*Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June *_- Leeds MAG coast to coast ride. 
Camping near Scarborough at the Hayburn Wyke pub on the Friday night, 
riding to the West coast on Saturday via the North York Moors, Yorkshire 
Dales and the Lake District national parks to camp on the West coast at 
The Fox and Hounds at Ennerdale. then ride home on Sunday. No motorways 
involved so all MAG members welcome.

_*F*__*riday 21st to Sunday 23rd June*_ - The Farmyard Party @ Duncombe 
Park, Helmsley. £37 prebook. https://www.mapevents.co.uk

Huddersfield MAG are want lots of members to join them at Elland Gala on 
the morning of *_Saturday 6 July 2019_*, to take part in the parade and 
to display our bikes after the parade; let's get there in numbers - it's 
always a great spectacle to have a load of bikes. The parade sets off 
from the C of E school (which is at the bottom of Westgate, Elland 
approx post code HX5 0BJ) at 11.30am, so it will help if we can arrive 
by 11.15am; the organisers would  love us to park up our bikes after the 
parade allowing families to come and have a look and chat with the owners.

Finally if you want to get more involved at a local level (and to really 
get the most out of your MAG membership, I strongly recommend that you 
do) here are the meeting details of the five Yorkshire MAG groups - 
though we are looking to expand with more groups so if you haven’t got 
one close by and fancy getting together with like minded bikers, get in 
touch with me at manny at mag-uk.org <mailto:manny at mag-uk.org>
We’re very lucky in having some very strong groups in Yorkshire, but we 
need the members to join in, so pop along to your local meeting and help 
to make a difference

East Yorkshire MAG meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 8pm at The 
Forresters Arms HU17 0PR

Huddersfield MAG meet every Wednesday from 8.30pm at The Fieldhead HD3 4FB

Leeds MAG meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 8pm at The Royal Hotel 
LS28 8PR

South Yorkshire MAG meet every 1st and 3rd Sunday from 7pm at The Ball,1 
Hesley Bar, Thorpe Hesley, Rotherham, S61 2PW

Wakefield MAG meet every Wednesday from 8.30 at The Grey Horse WF1 1JG

Ride safe
Manny (Yorkshire MAG rep)
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