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Dropped a line through to the Council to find out which member of their
cabinet was responsible for implementing the Welsh Governments
sustainability agenda. Turns out to be the Leader of the Council, Cllr
Moore, who can be contacted via:


jcilia at valeofglamorgan.gov.uk


I dropped him a line to let him know that lower speeds = more pollution
= his Council not complying with the Governments agenda (something
they're supposed to do).




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Hi Phil well there are these two for a start,











and according to the report on tonight's BBC Wales today (available on
i-player) even the Police do not like wide area blanket 20 MPH limits




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We have to get onto this one. Unfortunately the evidence usually makes
'traffic-calming" to be effective in terms of accidents and pollution,
unlike our posts so far (btw, mine was to the green blog, not the
-and he ain't playing. Last time I looked he'd ignored Mike and my
comments. I hope the comments I saw yesterday went to somewhere more

Does anyone know of research -facts, not hearsay or conjecture- to show
evidence for what we believe?


> Its not over yet Gary ! all we have to do is get off our collective
> and make our concerns heard.
> I can't do it all on my own !!
> Mike.
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> I think I'll get out my horse and cart - soon it will be quicker!
> Gary
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