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Hi Phil well there are these two for a start,
and according to the report on tonight's BBC Wales today (available on i-player) even the Police do not like wide area blanket 20 MPH limits :-)

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We have to get onto this one. Unfortunately the evidence usually makes out
'traffic-calming" to be effective in terms of accidents and pollution,
unlike our posts so far (btw, mine was to the green blog, not the council
-and he ain't playing. Last time I looked he'd ignored Mike and my
comments. I hope the comments I saw yesterday went to somewhere more

Does anyone know of research -facts, not hearsay or conjecture- to show
evidence for what we believe?


> Its not over yet Gary ! all we have to do is get off our collective arses
> and make our concerns heard.
> I can't do it all on my own !!
> Mike.
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> I think I'll get out my horse and cart - soon it will be quicker!
> Gary
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