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Post it Phil, mine was even more cutting, i haven't heard back from them yet !

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My semi-literate comment on the Green site awaits moderation.... :)
"Iif you really believe that introducing a blanket limit will alert
drivers to dangers of bumping into vulnerable road users, and be
environmentally friendly, you might benefit from doing some research. It’s
a fact that driving at a steady slow speed is hypnotic, and if 20mph
becomes a “target” speed in peoples’ minds they will often be driving too
fast for some conditions. 20 mph is also a speed which many vehicles
produce more pollution and waste more fuel…"

> Hi Phil, thanks for your support, the Greens are already jumping on the
> band waggon see below
> http://gpgpenarth.org.uk/2013/01/25/20s-plenty-for-penarth/
> the problem I've got is that as far as I know I'm the "only MAG member in
> the village" so I'm are going to need all the help I can get.
> I'm going to try my best to get the the next Cardiff Mag meting to rally
> support, but in the mean time pleaseALL of you to start complaining to the
> Vale Council about this, the greens are already telling them how wonderful
> this idea is , we have got to act fast to try and stop this before its too
> late, mark my words if this crazy plan gets the go-ahead its going to
> spread thought the region.............you have been warned !!!!
> Mike m
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> From: Phil McFadden <phil.mcfadden at mag-uk.org>
> To: Mike Mallen <mike.mallen at btinternet.com>
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> Subject: Re: [mag-south-wales-region-list] Penarth 20 MPH Limit
> This is one we must go for Mike, I'm in total agreement. What a nonsense!
> I'm not sure it'sworth anyone living or working outside Glamorgan writing
> to their Councillors & MP about... perhaps best target your own area. What
> do others think?
> This is the 1st time this list has been used to my knowledge. Is it
> sending to all?
> (avalanche of replies?)
> Phil
>> Hi all,
>> I know for those of you that do not live in Penarth this will not affect
>> you directly YET ! but the Vale Council are proposing what could be a
>> blanket 20 MPH speed limit thought the local area.
>> Some residential streets are so narrow that even 20 is too fast so in
>> quiet residential its OK to lower the limit, as we know drivers and
>> riders
>> should always drive to the road conditions anyway, 30 is just a upper
>> limit, not a you must drive a this speed, this is the problem if the
>> limit
>> is reduced most drivers are going to think I'm doing 20 therefore I'm
>> good
>> ,I'm safe and switch off, disaster waits.
>> If we must have a 20 limit then in my opinion the main roads/ bus routs
>> etc must be left at 30, i have written to the council and my MP with my
>> concerns, and i hope if you feel strongly about this you Will do the
>> same.
>> If you think "its only Penarth whats the problem " if this gets the
>> go-ahead 20 limits will start spreading it will be Grange-town next.
>> Here is the link to the Vale's proposals, if you need any more info or
>> help please e-mail me.
>> http://www.valeofglamorgan.gov.uk/our_council/council/minutes,_agendas_and_reports/reports/cabinet/2013/13-01-21/safer_communities.aspx
>> Thanks for your time reading this,
>> Ride Safe,
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